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Air Conditioning and Heating Maintenance Plans

Why should you have a preventive Maintenance Plan?
  • Risk of your system breaking down is minimized
  • Extended equipment life
  • Priority service (contract customers always come first)
  • 15% discount on service
  • Savings on energy bills
  • Automatic scheduling of Spring and Fall tune-ups and cleaning
  • Inflation protection (fixed costs for a year)
  • Finely tuned systems produce cleaner Air
Coast Service Co.

Each of our Maintenance Plans consist of two precision tune-ups and professional cleanings per year comprising of:

Coast Service Co.
Clean and check condenser coil
Coast Service Co.
Check operating pressures
Coast Service Co.
Check starting capabilities
Coast Service Co.
Check safety controls
Coast Service Co.
Replace standard filter
Coast Service Co.
Check and adjust blower components
Coast Service Co.
Check for correct air flow
Coast Service Co.
Clean condensation drain
Coast Service Co.
Check for proper temperature differences
Coast Service Co.
Check all electric connections
Coast Service Co.
Check voltage and amperage on motors
Coast Service Co.
Lubricate moving parts
Coast Service Co.
Calibrate thermostat
Coast Service Co.
Apply protective coating to outside unit

We offer three unique pricing options for our Maintenance Plans, catering to your specifc equipment's needs:

* Restrictions apply, call for more details.

Tips on preventing Air Conditioning and Heating failures

Over a period of time, dust, dirt, pet dander, and fine particles from the fireplace, laundry room, and workshops add to the clogging of the air filter. Air flow through the system gradually becomes restricted, and therefore, less air is flowing through the coil. The result? The coil can freeze up, the furnace can overheat, and in many cases the blower motor burns out. Systems that worked perfectly can suddenly stop in the peak of the season. This can mean waiting for a service call, followed by repair bills amounting to hunderds of dollars. Forgetfulness can be costly!

Is there any way to prevent this?
YES !!!
A precision tune-up and professional cleaning in the Spring and Fall is a necessity to avoid costly breakdowns.